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Travesura is a wonderful boy!

He is a Podenco mix and weighs 16 kgs.  He is 49 cms tall to the shoulder.  He was born in 2014 and has been in the shelter since he was a year old.

He was born with an opaque eye, and is blind in it, but manages perfectly well!

He's a very playful lad and really friendly.  He is gentle and loving with both dogs and people.  He prefers calm dogs as dominant ones tend to dominate him.  He has lived with older males and females with no problems though.

He currently lives with two other submissive males and has no problems, but they are both being adopted in November so he'll lose his pals.

He walks pretty well on the lead and is walked by adults and children at the shelter.

Travesura is not interested in cats so would be fine sharing a home with them.

 Travesura is sterilised and microchipped, and arrives with 5 weeks free insurance cover.

If you would like more information on Travesura please email Sue or Heather at caninesas@gmail.com or visit www.caninesas.org.uk where you will find many more dogs just like Travesura looking for a loving home

 Facebook group page Canine SAS.

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