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Sponsor a Dog!

 If you are unable to rehome a dog, maybe you would like to consider sponsorship

 There are many dogs in Zakynthos which are too old and too frail to travel to the UK to be rehomed

 These dogs are all fostered by loving and caring families in Greece.

 However, all of our foster families take on not only the commitment of providing shelter for these dogs, but also the financial responsibility of ensuring that the dogs have all they need to enjoy the rest of their lives in comfort and peace.

 A small monthly donation can make a big difference in providing food and paying medical costs.

 And in return, our fosterer will keep in contact with you, so you will always know what your sponsored dog is up to!

If you would like to find out more, please email us

Page last updated 29/10/2013

One of the elderly dogs looking for a sponsor

Ivan was wandering aimlessly around Tsilivi for days; now he is being loved and cared for by one of our fosterers.  We think he is about 12 years old; he likes soft food as he doesn’t have many teeth left!  A gentle old fellow… he has a peaceful life now, and we feel he is too old to travel out of Zakynthos to be rehomed.

Would someone like to sponsor the cost of his food each month?

To find out more about sponsoring Ivan or one of the other dogs, please email us


Dougal was abandoned by his Greek family when he was two: they replaced him with a new puppy. He was not used to living on the streets, became nervous of the other dogs, and suffered a couple of car accidents, though fortunately did not have any broken bones.

He was taken in by some kind people who nursed him back to health and took him to work with them so he was not left alone.

Now 2 years later he is a lovely happy little boy, but a little neurotic. He has stayed in his rescue family and is always a good companion to their other rescue puppies and cats; he is known as ‘Uncle Dougal’ as he takes them all under his wing, especially the abused puppies

If you would like to sponsor Dougal or another dog, please email us

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