Holbrook Animal Rescue

Old Holbrook, Horsham,

West Sussex, RH12 4TW

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Runi is a super little puppy. Born 20th September, this beautiful little boy was rescued for a rubbish skip! He is hoping for a happy ending and a family who will cherish him. He will be about 20 kilos when grown, so medium size. He is now rescued and being socialised with people, dogs and cats and loving it all.

Microchipped and vaccinated.

If you would like to give Runi a home, please contact:  Juliet on 01342 842683 between 8:30 am and 9 pm or email  info@greekanimalrescue.com

Also see our websites

 www.desperategreekiesdogrescue.com ww.greekanimalrescue.com


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