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Old Holbrook, Horsham,

West Sussex, RH12 4TW

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Lara Croft is a happy, playful dog, about 1 year old, spayed, fully vaccinated and healthy. She is 18 kg and a lean build.  Lara is looking for a home to feel welcomed and loved, she is very affectionate, great walking on lead, she is perfect with other dogs, good with kids, full of joy and happiness, the perfect dog for a family.  

She was discovered as a stray puppy and moved between foster homes then released back to the street before she was eventually returned to us. Now she is fully recovered and is looking again for a new home to live the life she deserves to live.

If you would like to give Lara Croft a home, please contact:  Juliet on 01342 842683 between 8:30 am and 9 pm or email  info@greekanimalrescue.com

Also see our websites www.desperategreekiesdogrescue.com  www.greekanimalrescue.com


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