Holbrook Animal Rescue

Old Holbrook, Horsham,

West Sussex, RH12 4TW

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Gypsy is an adorable girl, about 18 months to 2 years old. She was found as a stray after an accident, with pellets all over her so we believe she was shot. She has made a full recovery with all of her injuries, other then her eyes - she is blind and according to a specialist vet she has been blind from birth.  She is in a foster home in the UK, she is a wonderful dog, gets on brilliantly with the other to dogs there,  she is amazing and copes with her sight with no problem. They all love her, but now it’s time to find her a forever home where she will have enough time and attention devoted to her needs.

Gypsy is now RESERVED

Page last updated 15/09/2017

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