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Super adolescent chap BEAR is an Anatolian Shepherd mix of 12 months. He is a happy, friendly and powerful pup of huge proportions and he still has lots of growing to do! He will need an owner experienced with big breeds and strong enough to walk him safely, he doesn't pull but the power is there if he wants to. Because of his size and his enthusiasm a home with no young children please and he has not been cat tested. He will need further training but is intelligent and eager to please so this should be very rewarding. BEAR will also need a lot of exercise and a large garden to gallop around in. He is microchipped, neutered and vaccinated.

Bear’s owner says “Bear is an incredibly sweet natured and obedient boy. He is loving and gentle and very eager to please. He has been living with two nervous dogs, and this has made him reactive to other dogs, as he takes on the role of protector. He would benefit from an experienced handler who can help to socialise him when he's out with other dogs. With the right training he has the potential to be a fantastic companion.”

If you would like to be considered for BEAR please complete and return the application form clearly marked with either to foster or adopt.

Please check each dog’s requirements before applying to avoid disappointment.

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